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Thursday, January 21, 2010

symmetryrtemmys (not really symmetrical)

Today we talked about symmetry, rotations, reflections, and slides...

Congruent figures are two or more shapes that are the exact same size and shape.  Think of identical twins or cookies cut out with cookie cutters.

Similar figures are two or more shapes that are the exact same shape, but are different sizes.  Think of a blown up copy of a picture and the original or an adult bike compared to a child's bike.

Symmetry is when an object can be divided in half and the two sides end up being congruent, mirror images.  An example would be a heart split down the center.  Other types of symmetry exist, but we will just be dealing with reflectional symmetry.  You can have more than one line of symmetry in an object.  For example, the picture of the leaves below has more than one line of symmetry.

Other symmetry pictures.

Reflections are when a picture is flipped over a line to show the exact opposite image.  The parts of the object the are close to the "mirror" will still be close on the other side, just opposite.  Far parts will remain far.

Rotations are when a shape is turned.  The actual shape/figure remains the same, but is turned to a new position.  Often it will appear sideways or upside down.

A slide is when you just move an object to a new place.  The shape doesn't change, but is just moved.

It was here

                     Now it's here...

AWESOME site to review Symmetry Concepts!!!

Kaleidescope activity from the worksheet.

Tonight's Homework is to complete the symmetry worksheet.  Sorry to post so late in the day!  New pictures are up and I will see if I can find some of my own photography to add to the page later this evening!  good luck on the homework.

If you can think of any word with either vertical or horizontal symmetry, please type them in the comments section.  Remember, scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the word comments and you should be able to post as an anonymous contributor.  If you can think of any words that have both vertical AND horizontal symmetry, post them and I will find some sort of prize for you!  One per person and you aren't allowed to use OHIO!

-Miss K  :)


  1. Joet Wolek
    This is so cool!!!!!

  2. By the way everyone...

    The text may look a little weird on your computer. It looked fine at school, but different at home. The text about "slides" goes with the lollipop, not the ice cream. Not sure what happened. Sorry!

    -Miss K :)

    ps- did anyone find any words???? Or cool pics of symmetry?

  3. Dear Ms. Kahrimanis,
    I like your blog. It's awesome. Are you going to put anything else on the blog?
    Lyla Fischer

  4. I found all snowflakes have only 6 lines of symmetry.

  5. Lyla,

    I put new stuff on every day we have school! So far I haven't missed a school day since I started at Thanksgiving! Hopefully I won't skip any days in the future either! Be sure to check back often. I try to post information on our topics, and sometimes games to help you. I also put the homework on the page (written in pink) each night, so you can check it each night!

    Snowflakes do have six lines of symmetry, 3 through the "points" and another 3 between the "points."

    Thanks for they comments everyone!

    -Miss K :)