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Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello there wonderful students!!!  Today is a really cool date!  As you can see, if you write out the date mm/dd/yy, the numbers form a palindrome (a word or list of numbers that can be read the same forwards and backwards) but the date also reads exactly the same upside down.  If you think about the way numbers are written on a calculator, what is the next date that will read the same upside down?

Remember that an upside down two turns into a five, a five into a two, a six into a nine and a nine into a six.  Ones, eights and zeroes stay the same.

Speaking of things reading the same upside down, you should learn about Ambigrams.  Check out this really cool AMBIGRAM site.  On this site, you can type in a word and and it will give you a picture that reads the same upside down or right side up!

Here is my first name from a different site...

You can also type in different words of the same length and it will create a picture in which one word is read right side up, and the other is read upside down.

Here's another site.  The graphics are better but you have to click a terms of use agreement before you can see the ambigram.  (Not a big deal as long as you don't plan on copying and using their image!)'

A whole bunch of ambigramed names on this site!

I hope that you found this at least a little bit interesting!!!

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