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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Area of simple quadrilaterals

We began working with area today!

Area is the space contained within a shape.  Area is measured in square units.  We usually show our labels as something like in2 or m2.  (the little two should be up higher, but the blog won't let me do it- see the link for better examples)  (wikipedia definitions)

The Area of a Square can be determined by the following formula:
A = b X h

The Area of a Rectangle can be determined by the following formula:
A = b X h

The Area of a Parallelogram can be determined by the following formula:
A = b X h  (do not use the side measurement)

Links from

More explanations from MATHguide.com  Area (Feel free to ignore the information about triangles, trapezoids and circles for now.)

The AWESOME thing about these three formulas is that they are all the same formula!!!

Some video tutorials...

This guy is a really messy artisit, but his math is SPECTACULAR!

Since parallelograms can be a little confusing, here is another video, just about parallelograms.  (and the guy does some really cool computer stuff)

And this one just made me giggle.  Out loud.  By myself. A lot!

Tonight's homework is the two sided Area Worksheet that you got in class today.  Also please remember that your Signed quiz is due Tomorrow!!!

Good luck with this evening's work, and please, Please, PLEASE do not forget your labels!!!!!!!!!!!

-Miss K  :)


  1. I had alot of truble on #12. I had my mom help me.

    Joey wolek

  2. Joey,

    If you still have questions, check in with me during HR and I can double check it with you to make sure you understand. If not, tell Mom she is a super-genius and that you love her!

    Miss K :)