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Monday, January 11, 2010

Complementary and Supplementary angles

Today we spent some time discussing and reviewing complementary and supplementary angles.  This evening's homework, comp & supp angles worksheet, should go pretty quickly.  The back page will be a little bit more challenging, but you will earn a smelly sticker if you get a 100% on that side, so it is well worth the effort!


It's always "RIGHT" to give a compliment (Complementary angles = 90 degrees)

SSSSupplementary angles are SSSStraight (Supplementary angles = 180 degrees)

Try this game to practice your skills!

Best of luck!  See you tomorrow, hopefully I will have a little bit more of a voice tomorrow!

-Miss K  :)

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  1. In my opinion complimentary are very easy to understand,I am giving the exact definition of it-Two Angles are said tyo be complementary if their sum is 90 degrees. They don't have to be next to each other.For example-
    60° and 30° are complementary angles.
    5° and 85° are complementary angles.