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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Polygon parade!

Wowza!  I was super impressed by the wide variety of polygons that came in today.  Thank you to those of you that were super creative and were able to find all of the shapes!  Be on the lookout for a polygon display in the next few days!!!

This evening you should complete the Quadrilateral Worksheet.  Just a little bit of circling, so it shouldn't take too long.  Just so you know, we will have a Quiz next WednesdayThe quiz will cover lines, angles, polygons, triangle and quadrilaterals.

I will add more notes to tomorrow's post...  Have a great one everyone!

-Miss K  :)


  1. ms.k is a square a rectangle cause in class you told us it was

  2. that question was from james burris

  3. The home work was fun and easy. I did it in class and then I was bord on the buss.

    Joey Wolek

  4. Sorry James, I didn't see this yesterday! Yes, a square IS a rectangle. It meets all of the criteria for a rectangle, but just happens to also have all of its sides the same length, so it is a special kind of rectangle called a square... I know that this can be a little bit confusing, but use the worksheet we worked on in class yesterday along with the notes that you took in the math notes notebook to help you with the definitions of each shape.

    Have a wonderful long weekend!

    -Miss K :)