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Friday, January 15, 2010

Door decorating and more Quadrilaterals...

First off...  Some Math/Quadrilateral information.  Tonight's homework is to start preparing for Wednesday's Quiz.  The quiz will cover lines, angles, polygons, triangles and quadrilaterals.  Use your notes, homework, and the information on the blog to help you study!


Consider the diagram that we drew in our Math Notes Notebook.  Each group also belongs to the group above it!


                    Trapezoid                          Parallelogram

                                                  Rectangle               Rhombus 

DOOR DECORATING!!!  Everyone did such a wonderful job today!  I quickly took some pictures of the doors that were completed and I wanted to post them for you.  They aren't the best quality pictures as I took them with my cell phone, but I wanted to get them up today!

Mrs. Bickelhaupt's Door.

Mrs. Gladstone's door in the Guidance Office.

My door near Miss M's room.

The door near Mrs. McGinley's room.

Miss Micciche's room.

Mrs. Rosenstein's door in my room.

The door at Mrs. Romatzick's room.

Mrs. Sypher's door.

The two windows off of my room below.

Everyone did such a nice job today and the creativity was wonderful!!!  Thanks for making this such a wonderful project and for the beautiful results of your dedication and hard work.

-Miss K  :)


  1. We were the best class of all!!!!!!

    Joe Wolek

  2. hey Miss.K it's Cami!!!
    i LOVED your doors and the wall looked soooo cool with the bottles hanging down! I also thought the peace signs were cool too. (the ones you made on the door near miss.M) See you tomorrow! P.S. i know its a little late but happy mid way through the year! $$$$$$$$$ !!!!!! *********** :)