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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Polygons, triangles and regularity, Oh My!!!

We went over a lot today!  Shapes can be classified in a variety of ways and today we learned about many of those ways...

Here are the definitions that I gave you in class, but you can click on the term to link to the wikipedia page for more information and a more technical definition.

A Polygon is a shape that is a closed figure made up of line segments.  Another Polygon site with LOTS of info!

A Regular Polygon is a polygon in which all sides are the same length and all angles are the same measurement.

An Irregular Polygon is a polygon in which NOT all sides are the same length and/or NOT all angles are the same measurement.

A Triangle is a Polygon with three sides and three angles.

Quadrilateral is a Polygon with four sides and four angles.

Pentagon is a Polygon with five sides and five angles.

Hexagon is a Polygon with six sides and six angles.

Heptagon (also known as a Septagon) is a Polygon with seven sides and seven angles.

Octagon is a Polygon with eight sides and eight angles.

Nonagon is a Polygon with nine sides and nine angles.

Decagon is a Polygon with ten sides and ten angles.

Want to know what other shapes are called?  This site lists some of the other names for polygons.

Why is it that the beginning of the words September, October, November and December sound so much like the words for a seven, eight, nine and ten sided figure?   Check out this explanation about the months of the year for a little bit more information.

There were once just ten months in the year and during that time, September was the seventh, October the eighth, etc.

From wikipedia:  Gregorian Calendar

July: Julius Caesar (Roman dictator) (month was formerly named Quintilis, the fifth month of the calendar of Romulus)
August: Augustus (first Roman emperor) (month was formerly named Sextilis, the sixth month of Romulus)
September: septem (Latin for seven, the seventh month of Romulus)
October: octo (Latin for eight, the eighth month of Romulus)
November: novem (Latin for nine, the ninth month of Romulus)
December: decem (Latin for ten, the tenth month of Romulus)

Triangles can be classified by their sides or their angles


Equilateral Triangles have three sides the same length.

Isosceles Triangles have two sides the same length.

Scalene Triangles have no sides the same length.


Acute Triangles have three acute angles.

Right Triangles have two acute angles and one right angle.

Obtuse Triangles have two acute angles and one obtuse angle.

Hopefully these notes can help if you have any trouble with tonight's homework, Polygons and triangles worksheet.  Try this game to practice your sorting skills!  Also, don't forget to get the Test signed by Thursday!

-Miss K  :)


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