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Friday, April 30, 2010

Pilobolus and Wall-E!

What a fun day!  Enjoy the weekend!  Homework is the same as yesterday, due Monday.

-Miss K  :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scientific Notation

Today we began to work with Scientific Notation.  Tonight's homework is to complete the Scientific Notation Worksheet, but it won't be due until Monday.  I will also ask for you to bring in your signed math tests by Tuesday!

I am excited for the trip tomorrow! 

-Miss K  :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost over!!!

Hello again!

My course is just about over!  Hopefully I will be able to sign out the SmartBoard soon and we will be able to play with all of the new fun tricks that I learned.  No Homework tonight, but you should have already worked hard on today's graded assignment!

Tomorrow we will learn about Scientific Notation.  It is a skill that will require understanding of both Exponents and a little bit of Order of Operations.

Miss you all today!  See you tomorrow!  Enjoy your night and the FULL MOON!  (If it isn't cloudy, I will take some new moon photographs.)

-Miss K  :)

Out of the Classroom today!

Hello my friends!

As you know, I am off being a computer geek right now.  The class is about to start soon, but while I had a few minutes, I wanted to check in and say hello!  I am going to be learning "Advanced SmartBoard" which makes me sound like an uber computer geek.  Hopefully I will learn some fun tricks to bring to the classroom!  Have a great day and be good for the sub!

-Miss K  :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today we had a chance to do a great deal of review on the concept of Order of Operations.  Tonight you are also reviewing some exponents and rounding on the homework, Chapter 2 Review.  As I told you in class today, I will not be in tomorrow as I am attending professional development  for some computer stuff!!!  I will try to blog while I am there!  In class tomorrow, you will need to complete the graded assignment to the absolute best of your ability.  My hope is that everyone will do a spectacular job and I will be able to put lots of A's in the grade book.

Enjoy the rainy afternoon and check out this amazing performance from "Britain's got Talent."  Incredible!!!

See you Thursday!

-Miss K  :)

Monday, April 26, 2010


The $218m Burj Khalifa-adjacent Dubai Fountain doing its thing to the tune of Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu.”

-Miss K  :)

OoO again

Tonight's homework is to complete the OoO packet.  Many of you got quite a few problems done during class, so hopefully you won't have too much to do tonight...

Remember that you can use a calculator for problem #21 about Sanjaya!

Bring in your Math-a-Thon money tomorrow if you haven't gotten it in yet!!!

-Miss K  :)

Kinda Awesome

Artist Peter Root created this cityscape:


Pretty Wild, huh?  Check out some of his other art at his website...  http://www.peterroot.com/

-Miss K  :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephen Hawking

Hello everyone!

I am watching Stephen Hawking's "Into the Universe: Aliens" special on the Discovery Channel!  Way cool!

From dsc.discovery.com:

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking hosts an epic new kind of cosmology series, a Planet Earth of the heavens. It takes the world's most famous scientific mind and sets it free, powered by the limitless possibilities of computer animation. Hawking gives us the ultimate guide to the universe, a ripping yarn based on real science, spanning the whole of space and time — from the nature of the universe itself, to the chances of alien life, and the real possibility of time travel.
ALIENS: Premieres Sunday April 25 @ 9 E/P
Hawking joins science and imagination to explore one of the most important mysteries facing humankind — the possibility of alien, intelligent life and the likelihood of future "contact." Traveling from the moons of Jupiter to a galaxy maybe not so far, far away, he'll introduce us to possible alien life forms — in stunning CGI — that face the same universal trials of adaptation and survival as the residents of Earth.

Some of the Aliens from the show:
Alien attack!!!

I definitely recommend checking out the show if you get the chance.  Regardless of your thoughts on the subject, the visuals are stunning and the concept of how large the universe is will impress you!  

The other two shows are:
TIME TRAVEL: Premieres Sunday April 25 @ 10 E/P
The promise of time travel has long been one of the world's favorite scientific "what-ifs?" Hawking explores all the possibilities, warping the very fabric of time and space as he goes. From killing your grandfather to riding a black hole, we learn the pitfalls and the prospects for a technology that could quite literally, change everything.
THE STORY OF EVERYTHING: Premieres Sunday May 2 @ 9 E/P
In two mind-blowing hours, Hawking reveals the wonders of the cosmos to a new generation. Delve into the mind of the world's most famous living scientist and reveal the splendor and majesty of the universe as never seen before. See how the universe began, how it creates stars, black holes and life — and how everything will end.

If you don't know who Stephen Hawking (wikipedia site if you click his name) is, check out this site: http://www.hawking.org.uk/ (His website).  I really encourage you to look at his site and see what you can learn about him, his work, and his life.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.  See you tomorrow!

-Miss K  :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Sorry that there is homework this weekend...  Not too much though!  You need to complete three problems on each side of the worksheet AND play this Millionaire game online.  (http://www.math-play.com/Order-of-Operations-Millionaire/order-of-operations-millionaire.html)  Click on the problem if you are having trouble seeing the whole thing and print the certificate to show me!

I hope that you enjoyed the play today!  I am going to see if I can find more fun stuff like that for upcoming lessons.

Check out this awesome video I saw today.  It is an "animorph" and the image changes depending on the angle you are looking from.  Watch it turn 3D as the camera switches to the other side of the image.

By the way, if you are new to the blog...  be sure to add it to your favorites and check back often!  Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to check out some of the other fun stuff on the blog and leave a comment if you can!

-Miss K  :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day activities pictures

Sorry about the quality of the pictures! I forgot my camera at home and had to use my cell phone camera...

Enjoy the pics anyway!

-Miss K :)
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