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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Metric conversions

We started completing conversions in the metric system today.  Tonight's homework is to begin working independently on converting, but since it is new, it might be a little bit confusing.  Do your best, but know that we will continue to review tomorrow.

We used the phrase, "King Henry Died by drinking chocolate milk" to help us put the various prefixes in order.  Use that to help you complete your work tonight.


Some problems completed:

A video to help you.  They use a different sentence and use steps, but the math is the same.

If you still feel stuck, try your best tonight and come with questions for when we review tomorrow.

-Miss K  :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Metric Explore Homework

Hey everyone! If you are reading this, you have just started tonight's online homework! Your homework for tonight is to be on the blog and complete the tasks outlined in this post.

We're starting to work on the Metric System in class. Please follow the directions below to be prepared for class tomorrow!

Please watch this video from Bill Nye:

Google image search: "Metric System"  Please write down what you learn from the images on paper (quick version, 30 words or less) or print out an image (just one) that you think is most helpful. If you want to share it on instagram, please hashtag it #misskmetric

Research: How many countries DON'T use the Metric System? Bonus: What are they?

Think about it:  What are the benefits of the Metric System?

Be ready to talk about it: Do you think we should switch to the Metric System? Why or why not?

Size Comparison: Find approximate sizes of the base units in the Metric System. About how long is a meter? How heavy is a gram? How much is a liter?

Optional, Metric system film from 1975 (this will help you with the questions above):

From class today (nothing to do with this this evening!)

-Miss K  :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Customary Equivalencies

Today's lesson will be to research our basic customary units to find equivalencies online and come up with our own.

We will go over the activity together in class, but as a quick hint, use words like "approximation," "equivalency," "looks like," and "is about the size of" to help you find equivalencies. If you find a search term that works well, be sure to share with the class.

Objective:  By the end of class, you will be able to determine real world benchmarks for base units in the customary system and evaluate reasonable equivalencies.

Length units: Capacity units: Weight units:
inch yard gallon pint ounce ton
foot mile quart cup pound
Research equivalencies for each of the base units in the customary system to find 1) a/the conversion factor 2) a real life example and if you are feeling creative, 3) a kooky example (get creative and have fun with this.  How many dogs in a miles?  How many drops of water in a gallon?  Either find an example or use proportions and calculations to find one on your own!)  

Base Unit Conversion Standard Example Fun Example

2000 pounds
A small car
25 6th graders









half of a pint
a small teacup
adult sized fist

Ready for the Check-in?  Click here to complete the questions.

-Miss K  :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

After the Field Trip!

I really wish that I could be there to be with you guys today!!!  While I'm gone, enjoy the videos on the website below:

TED talks for Kids!

Have a great day!  I hope that the field trip was a blast!

-Miss K  :)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Customary Conversions

We started converting in the customary system using proportions today and also converted some random conversions too!  Keys on a piano...  Cards in a deck...  Miles in a marathon...

The assignment will be corrected on Monday.  If you want it to be eligible for the 100's box, every problem must be completed.  Now it's not homework, BUT if you didn't finish, you might want to try to finish this weekend so you can hopefully get your paper in the 100's box!

-Miss K  :)