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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Regulating Irregular areas

After our success with determining the area of figures like squares, rectangles and parallelograms, we began working with irregular figures. 

By breaking up the L, U and staircase shapes into smaller parts, usually rectangles, we were able to find the area of even weird-looking shapes.  We also practiced the "bite" method where we found the area of a large rectangle and then removed the smaller part from the total area.  This is a little confusing to describe with just words, so please check out the links and video tutorials below.  Tonight's homework is to complete the Area of Simple Polygons Worksheet
***Remember!!!  #4 has a typo!  The 5mm should be 3mm!!!***

This lady is crazy like me...  This video talks about area, not exactly what we are doing right now, but really interesting area lesson!

A little review of perimeter and then finding the area of a staircase shape.

Good Luck!

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