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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still estimating!

Today we finally finished the estimation packet from Tuesday!  I was really pleased with the logic that you used to solve the problems on the back page.  We also completed a mad minute!  Only one more to go!  We will do the last one on either Thursday (tomorrow) or Friday.
Quite a few of you earned sparkly stickers for great work on the mini class assignment!  That's awesome!  I was pleased to see that many of you were able to begin working on the homework, estimation practice worksheet.  Just a quick hint~  #2 is NOT division!  We will do a bit more estimation and rounding to help us prepare for Tuesday's quiz, but we will also start working on patterning tomorrow!  :)

Study for the quiz on Tuesday, September 21st!

(The info below is from the study guide that I will hand out tomorrow)

Please review your notes, homework assignments, and classwork assignments to prepare for our first Quiz.
You should be able to:

□ Write numbers in standard form (numbers and commas only)
□ Write numbers in word form (words and commas only)
□ Round to a given place value (underline the place value)
□ Compare numbers using < , >, or =
□ Estimate to find the sum (+), difference (-), product (x or ∙) and quotient (÷)
□ Find the next numbers in a pattern and be able to explain the rule for the pattern
□ Find the next picture in a pattern

To study in math, you need to complete problems to help you prepare! :)

Thanks for some good work today!  See you tomorrow!

-Miss K  :)


  1. hi Mrs. k itsd shelby i finally found it. im in science right now. ya its fun i cant stop singing all the singal digits.

  2. hi mrs.k your blog is amazing! I cant stop going to it its addicting!!!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! As long as you find the page useful and fun, I will continue to post!


    -Miss K :)