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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reading and Writing Large Numbers Day One

Hello Friends! 

As you hopefully remember from class, we completed a pre-test today.  It covered our first two topics for the year, number sense and decimals.  After we completed the pre-tests, we looked at Reading and Writing Large Numbers.  Tonight's homework is to complete the worksheet from class.  There are some notes on the front of the page, but I want to give you a little bit more information.  :)

A little mini lesson on the topic from Beacon Learning Center.

Really great notes from e-math!  This page says that a number can be written in three different ways, but we know a fourth, Number-Word Form.  I am pretty sure that they didn't mention this form because it is really only convenient when the number you are using has lots of zeros and resembles a rounded number.    For example, 56, 000, 000 work well in number-word form:  56 Million, but 7, 891, 024 doesn't.

Practice writing numbers in word form from FunBrain.  Practice writing in standard form from FunBrain.

Fun Game from Toon University.  Be sure to select level three and work quickly!!!!

MathCats interactive where you can type in a number in standard form and see how it would be written in word form with the click of a button!

Wanna see some big numbers?  I mean, really SEE!  The Mega Penny Project has visuals of numbers all the way up to Quintillions!!!  The page takes a long time to load, but it is pretty cool once it does!!!  :)

I hope that you find these interesting!  More to come on Tuesday!

-Miss K  :)

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