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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little more division...

Hello one and all!

Today we corrected our first divison worksheet.  I think that overall, everyone did pretty well.  The majority of the mistakes were made due to flipping errors or simple calculation mistakes.  Remember, 1.  Make everything a fraction.  2.  Rewrite the problem using the reciprocal of the SECOND fraction.  3. Multiply.  4. Simplify.

The second fraction should be flipped upside down.  Not the first, not both, not remain the same.  I know that it is hard to remember, but do what you can to hold onto that information.  It will help!

Tonight's homework is to complete the Multiplication and Division Worksheet, All problems.  Please do not forget that we only flip for division; multiplication involves not flippage.  :)

You were also given your index card for Tuesday's test.  You will be permitted to write notes on the card to help you with the content of the test.  Basically, you should take notes on how to add, subtract, multiple and divide with fractions.  Remember you must use the card I give you or one of the same size.  If there is typing or the card is the wrong size, you will not be allowed to use the card during the test.  Check with me if you have a concern or question about this.  I can certainly work with you if you feel you need special consideration, but you must speak to me about your concerns prior to Tuesday!

Best of luck with tonight's homework and check in with me if you have any questions!

-Miss K  :)


  1. bummerino! Still no interest! Is this something that you might want to try at school instead of at home or are you just totally not into it??? Let me know and we can figure things out!

  2. It's supposed to SNOW today yay!
    see you monday
    -cami hobin-