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Thursday, December 10, 2009

What an awesome day for Team 6-3!

As you know, we have a math Quiz tomorrow.  Be sure to complete this evening's homework: Complete the Study Guide.  If you know how to convert to common denominators, borrow when subtracting and simplifying to mixed numbers, you should be fine!!!  Practice, practice, practice.  Please use the information and videos in the last few posts to help you study if you need a little bit more help!

Today was a super fun day for team 6-3!!!  We had two super cool things happen!

#1 We saw Rob Surette this morning!  He describes himself as a hero artist and the world's fastest portrait artist.  You can check out his website at amazingheroart.com.

Today Rob painted many pictures including a backlit Statue of Liberty, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Ludwig van Beethoven, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Albert Einstein.  Go to his website to see what these and some of his other artwork looks like!

Here's a video of Rob painting Einstein on TV...

There are also many videos on Rob's site if you click HERE!

#2 We met with Dr. Kent, Danny's mom, to look at BONES!  Dr. Kent is a Radiologist at Yale Hospital.  She brought in models of various bones including a hand, a foot, a pelvis and even half of a real skull.  We were also able to see X-rays, MRIs and/or Ultrasounds of the skull, hands, arms, neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, legs, feet and even a few babies before they were born.  Everyone had big reactions to the fractures and other injuries, but I think that everyone's favorite story was about the woman that swallowed her rings so that a mugger couldn't steal them!!!  (Sorry, no picture of that one!)

All in all, today was a really fun and exciting day at school!  I hope that you enjoyed!  Study for the Quiz this evening!  I am hoping for lots of really great grades!

-Miss K  :)


  1. is the back side of the study guide that says homework part of the study guide due tomorrow?

  2. hey ths is james miss k is the back side of the study guide homework or part of the study guide

  3. Hey Miss. K.,
    I am running off to bed soonish but just wanted to check out your BLOG once again. It is so cool. i HOPE your doctors appointment went OK.
    C U soon,
    Gabby N.