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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Adding and Subtracting MIXED numbers

Hello kiddos!

Today we started adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  The videos I posted yesterday can be a big help in reminding you how to complete these types of problems.  The notes on the back sides of the two homework papers should be helpful as well.

As you know, tonight's assignment is to complete 8 problems on each homework paper, but I want to give you a hint to help you get on the 100% Club bulletin board...  If you do more than eight problems on tonight's homework, you can still get on the board as long as you have at least eight problems correct on the paper.  Remember that each paper is eligible for the 100% club, so you could have TWO papers on the board tomorrow!  I was so excited that we started on the second layer already!  (Thanks White class for putting us over!)

So subtracting with mixed numbers can get a little tricky, so I have found a few websites to help you improve your skills.  Feel free to play around with some of these to help you!

Good luck tonight!

-Miss K  :)

AAA Math Game  This game allows you to work with the numbers and solve a few subtraction problems.  Change the problems while you work by clicking in the boxes and typing in the new values.

Interactive Practice  This really cool site will show you with animation how to change the problems.  Then it let's you do a few by dragging the correct numbers into the problem.  Good practice and very clear demonstrations.

Cliffs Notes  Notes to help you understand the process.  Not very interactive, but good to help you review.  Very similar to the notes on the back of your homework.

Jamit Game  A game using subtraction of mixed numbers.  A little challenging.  Make sure that you have pencil and paper nearby to do your work.  (I needed it!)

Good Luck!!!

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