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Monday, December 14, 2009

Multiplying Fractions

Video tutorial on Multiplying Fractions.

Remember that this evening's homework is #1-9 on the front of the worksheet, #1-12 on the second worksheet.  Be sure to cross cancel when you are working to make the problems easier.  Web help: HERE  (step 4 shows cross canceling).  Another cross canceling video example is HERE.

Good luck on the homework this evening!!! 


  1. This was really helpful!

  2. I am glad that it helped! I will keep posting informational videos!

  3. do the kids have to finish the classwork tonight in addition to the homework sheet....? Thanks, Erin Burris

  4. I was out today, so I am not sure how far they were able to get during class. Please feel free to stop working if it is too much!