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Monday, December 21, 2009

Fraction Test tomorrow!

Hello everyone! 

Tomorrow is the fraction test!  In class today, we worked on some word problems to help prepare ourselves for the test tomorrow and you got another packet of study problems to help you practice for the test.  Your homework for tonight is to Study for tomorrow's test.  You can use the optional study packet to help you prepare.  I have given you the answer key to that packet to help you review your work.

The big things to remember for tomorrow are cross cancelling to make your work easier to do and simplifying so I don't have to take points off!  You should also be finishing your index cards this evening if you aren't already done...

What should the card say???

Addition and Subtraction:  Convert fractions to equivalent fractions with common denominators, add or subtract the fractions borrowing or regrouping as needed, add or subtract the whole numbers as needed, simplify your answer.

Multiplication:  Make everything a fraction, cross cancel if possible to make the problem easier, multiply numerators, multiply denominators, simplify your answer.

Division:  Make everything a fraction, rewrite the problem using the reciprocal of the second fraction, cross cancel if possible, multiply, simplify your answer.

You will need to have the card checked at the beginning of class, but then will be able to use it for the test.  You may also use your pink sheet during the test.

Best of luck everyone!  Study, study, study!!!

-Miss K  :)

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