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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More mixed number addition and subtraction.

We had a 90 minute delay today and I was more than happy to sleep in for an extra hour on this dreary, cold, yucky, rainy day!  It seemed that everyone came in a little more awake than usual and we got over our horrible case of the Mondays from earlier this week.

Today we continued with our work on mixed number addition and subtraction.  After correcting last night's homework, we did a small class activity on regrouping for subtraction.  Everyone did a really nice job on both last night's homework and the class assignment!  So good in fact that we finished layer 2 on the 100% Club bulletin board and started on the third layer of 100's!  Keep 'em coming!!!!

Tonight's homework is once again on two different sheets of paper.  Worksheet 6-5, problems #1-9 and Worksheet 6-6, problems #1-12.  Please do not go beyond the assigned problems tonight as we will be doing the other problems in class tomorrow.  You were able to start your work in class and I saw that quite a few of you were able to come close to finishing!  Once again, I think that the extra sleep this morning really helped! 

We will have our quiz on Friday and the quiz will cover adding and subtracting with simple fractions with common denominators, fractions with uncommon denominators, and mixed numbers.  We will also do very simple solving equations and a few word problems.  Your study packet will totally prepare you!  Remember that is due Friday.  Please bring it to class on Thursday so that we can go over any material that you are having difficulty with.

Well, I don't have too much to add to this post.  Please check out the posts from the last two days for the fun stuff and videos that will help you with our current topic. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

-Miss K :)

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