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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Statistics Review info!

Mean: The Average. Add up all of the values and divide by the number of values in the data set.
Median: The Middle. Put the numbers in the data set in order and then find the middle value. If there are two, average those two to find the median.

Mode: The Most. The individual value that appears the most often. You can have one mode, more than one mode or no mode.

Range: The Span. The distance from the smallest value to the largest value. You subtract the smallest number from the largest to determine the range.

Stem and Leaf diagram: A way to show a list of data in a small area. Ex:

Line Plot: Values marked on a number line using an X to represent each value. Ex:

Tally Chart/Frequency Chart: A way of collecting and showing data. Ex:

Answers to tonight's homework assignment

Stem and Leaf diagram:

stem        leaves
2             5 7
3             0 3 3
4             0 1 3 4
5             0 0 0
6             0 2

2)  The mode is 50 since there are three 50's.
3)  The median of the data is 42.  The middle is between 41 and 43, so we add the two together and then divide by two to get 42.
4)  The range is 37.  We subtract 25 from 62 to get 37.
5)  The mean of the data is 42.  You get 588 for the grand total when you add the data up and then you divide by 14 to get 42.
6)  When you find the mean, median and mode of the data, the only choice that isn't used is 4.  The mean is 5, the median is 6 and the mode is 7.
other side--->>>
7)  The mode is 12.  You can tell because that is the highest column on the line plot.
8)  The median is also 12.  When you work your way toward the middle, you are left with two 12s, so the median is 12.
9)  The range of the data is 5.  When you subtract 10 from 15, you are left with 5 for the range.
10)  Once again the answer is 12.  The total of all of the data is 144 so when you divide by 12, you get 12 as your answer.
11)  After putting the values in order, 4 is the digit in the middle so the median is 4.
12)  After putting the values in order, you are left with 5 and 6 in the middle.  We add them together and then divide by two to get 5.5 as our median.

I hope that this helps!  If you were able to complete this assignment successfully, be prepared to do well on the test!!!  Good luck!!!

-Miss K  :)


  1. Can you please put the test notes up?

  2. hi miss k. do you have any cpoies of the home work left i foregot mine at school. can you email me a copy at jamesgosail@yahoo.com or post it on the blog. this is james burris.

  3. First person: I am not sure what you mean...? There are notes on the topics cover on the test in this post and the list of what will be on the test is in the post just below this. I posted extended information in the posts from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I am not sure what you would like me to add, but I do not plan on posting anything else. Let me know your concern and I might be able to direct you to the information you need.

    James: I have extra copies at school that I can give you. Come talk to me during homeroom. Do not worry about the assignment though. I am not checking it off tomorrow, so there will be no penalty for not having it. I just wanted you to use it for practice. I am going to see if I can find any websites that either make practice sheets or allow you to practice online. It should take me about fifteen minutes to find something.

    Anyone can use these sites to help you prepare for tomorrow!

    Thanks for the comments!

    -Miss K :)

  4. miss k. i did some worksheets that mr.greene left for extra practice about 15 problems. i just didn't want to miss the homework assignment
    i can do it in studyhall tommorow? thanks for getting back to me.

  5. worksheets:




    Practice problems:





    (No problem James! Glad I saw it soon enough! Study Hall will be fine!)

    -Miss K :)

  6. hi miss.k that game is good practice. thanks

  7. and i mean the slider math one.

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    Cami Hobin