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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Hints

Sooooooo, I told you I would offer some help on today's homework if you checked out the blog.  Get ready for some MAJOR help.  Let others know so that they can get the info too!!!

On the pages with the funky writing for the words Mean, Median, Mode & Range here are the hints:

1)  Grand total of all the values to use for getting the mean: 4188.
     Both the median and the mean have decimal answers that go to the tenths place.

2)  This stem and leaf diagram has 12 data points and they add up to a total of 841.
     The median goes to one decimal place and the mean has a repeating decimal.  Use the repeating bar.

3)  The line plot data totals up to 33 and the answer to the mean will once again have a repeating decimal.
     The digits in the mode and range are both used in the median value (plus a decimal point).

4)  Total of the test scores is 348 and the mean will come out to a whole number.
     Our only decimal is in the median.

5)  The total of those four values is 43.77.  Both the mean and median will have a few decimals. (range too)
     The order of the values is:  10.5, 10.98, 11.09, 11.2.

The OTHER side of that paper will get less hints, but here we go!

1)  Total of the scores is 42.  Two decimal answers.

2)  Total of the values is 191.  The mean has a repeating decimal.

3)  Those values add up to 2220.  No decimals in the answers.

4)  The mean has a repeating decimal  and the range is larger than the median.

5)  The mean is UGLY!  I got 6 places after the decimal, but your calculator might be different...

The other paper...  (Bowling)

1)  The total is one of the choices.
2)  Same.
3)  Put 'em in order first!
4)  Make sure the answer is reasonable.
5)  Look at ALL of the values.
6)  The answer has a decimal.
7)  Subtract small from big.
8)  Not a decimal.
9)  The answer does not appear in the data set.
10)  Jordan could do this one.
11)  No decimal.
12)  I bet you can do this one in your head!

I hope that these clues help you and that you have enjoyed the snow day.  I am going to post a few photos that I took today.  Mostly of Cami playing in the snow!!!

-Miss K  :)

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Thanks again!  :)


  1. My pleasure! Spread the word and enjoy the extra help!

    -Miss K :)

  2. ok....we have added the numbers about 9 times on problem 1 on the mean median mode and range (funky lettering) and we get 4188 not 4191????
    683, 764, 654, 644, 725, 718 Right?

  3. OMG!!! You are totally right! Thanks! I will fix it now!!!!!

    -Miss K :)

    ps- who is this?

  4. Thanks for your help James!!! I think my brain must have been a little frozen from the snow! ;)

  5. haha lol i get it