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Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Estimating!

Classes were crazy short today, so here is some help with the first few problems of the HW!  Remember that you may use your orange sheet if it helps!

Adding and Subtracting:  Estimate by rounding each number to the highest COMMON place value.  Basically round both numbers to the biggest place value that they BOTH have.

ex:  17.92 + 182.034
since both numbers have a digit in the tens place (underlined), we would round to the tens.

20 + 180 = 200

Multiplying:  Estimate by rounding EACH number to its OWN highest place value.  Basically, use as many zeros as possible!

ex:  5.67 x 41.08376
round the first number to the ones place and the second number to the tens place

6 x 40 = 240

Dividing:  Estimate by using compatible numbers.  Round the divisor first and then search for a compatible number for the dividend.

ex:  41.03 / 7.15
round the 7.15 to 7 and then think about multiples of 7.  Since 42 is a multiple of 7 and is reasonably close to 41.03, we round it to 42.

42 / 7 = 6

Tomorrow we will have a short graded class assignment.  You should know the following topics to be ready to do awesome on the graded class assignment:
  • Writing decimals in word form and number form.
    • example:  thirty and seventy-two tenths = 30.72
  • Representing a decimal value on a grid.
  • Basic estimating strategies with decimals
  • Round decimal values.
  • Comparing and ordering decimal values.
That's it!!!

Have a good night!

-Miss K  :)

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