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Monday, February 27, 2012

CMT prep!

CMT Packet Assignment Schedule:

Mon “A” Day
February 27th
Tues “B” Day
February 28th
Wed “C” Day
February 29th
Thurs “D” Day
March 1st
Fri “E” Day
March 2nd
Strands 1 and 2
45 problems
Strands 3 and 6
34 problems
Strand 4
47 problems
Strand 7
46 problems
Strand 8
24 problems
Mon “F” Day
March 5th
Tues “A” Day
March 6th
Wed “B” Day
March 7th
Thurs “C” Day
March 8th
Fri “D” Day
March 9th
Strands 9A and B
24 problems
Strands 9C and D
18 problems
Strands 10 and 11
23 problems
Strands 12, 15 & 21
30 problems
Correction Day

I know that this seems like a whole lot of work, but we’ve already accomplished so much in just one day!  As I promised in class, I have planned our work so that the nights when we have a lot of homework to complete, the problems are easier.  The tougher strands and problems are on nights with less work.  Additionally, we will complete the majority of the packet THIS week since the CMTs officially start next week and I don’t want you to have too much homework that week.  J

I decided to post the homework for these two weeks because I understand that you often have busy evenings and might need to plan accordingly.  I will provide you with class time every day to help you complete these assignments, usually about 15-20 minutes.  You might feel the need to go ahead a bit and that is fine by me as long as you feel confident with the material and continue to work during our class work time.  If you fall behind because of an absence or being unable to complete the homework due to your schedule, that is okay.  However, the entire packet must be completed by the start of your math class on Friday, March 9th.  If, for some reason (snow day, schedule change, me changing my mind, whatever) that date changes, I will let you know, but for now, assume that March 9th is the due date!

It seemed like everyone worked well today and felt pretty good about the material.  I promise you that this won’t be as awful and scary as you think it is and you will do a great job.  Ask questions, double check your work and do your best every day!  I can’t wait to put all those 100’s in the 100’s box!!!

Keep up the great work and let’s do some incredible work!

-Miss K  J


  1. those problems were a lot easier than i thought!!!

    1. I love to hear that!!! (I think it's because you are so smart!)