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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shame, shame, shame

I forgot to post yesterday...  Sorry!

I didn't post because there wasn't too much to say.  We continue to work on our CMT packet, 3 & 6 last night, 4 tonight.  Be sure to keep working, reading carefully and doing your best!  I am already impressed with your effort and progress!

Delay tomorrow?  I kinda hope so!  We'll see!  Think snow!

(My backyard LAST winter)

-Miss K  :)


  1. hey miss k!!! im just really ored and stuff and yea..... oh yea im in ur study hall right now im just in computer.......ahhhhhhhhh im bored out of my mind!!!!

  2. hi miss.k at least we haven't had a lot of snow days like last year that was terrible!!!!!! i still want to go sledding though :( :) :p :D :-/

  3. Hey Miss.K!!!! I want a delay tomorrow, but NOT a snow day we don't need to make up any more days!!!