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Friday, February 17, 2012

Minute to Win It!

I had so much fun playing Minute to Win It with you today!  I will post the pictures in the next couple of days so you can check those out!  Below you will find the data from each class as well as some class awards! (that I totally made up and that you don't get any prize for... Mwah ha ha ha)

Red Class Data

White Class Data

Blue Class Data

Green Class Data


Highest Averages Awards:

Highest Cup Stack Average:  Red Class!!!!

Highest Pencil Bounce Average:  Green Class!!!!

Highest Pasta Pick Up Average:  Blue Class!!!!

Highest Candy Carry Average:  Blue Class!!!!

Highest Individual Awards:

Highest Individual Cup Stack:  White Class!!!!  One 7 and two 8's!

Highest Individual Pencil Bounce:  Tie between Red, White and Green Class with 10 pencils in, but Green Class had two 10's!

Highest Individual Pasta Pick Up:  Tie between White and Blue Classes, 19 pieces of pasta!!!!

Highest Individual Candy Carry:  White Class!!!!  17 Skittles carried!

Mathy Awards:

Easiest (simple decimals) Averages:  Green Class!!!! (With 20 kids in class today, the numbers came out nice and pretty!)

The Only No Decimal Average:  Red Class!!!!  (A sweet, simple six!)

The Modiest Mode:  Blue Class!!!!  (They had 9 ones for the cup stack!)

Thanks for playing the games today!  I had a blast and will post pictures in the next couple of days.

If you are enjoying a Staycation (like me) for this break, feel free to stop by the blog and say hello!  I will post a few times over break.  If you are heading on vacation, have a fun safe trip!  I look forward to seeing you all after break!


-Miss K  :)


  1. That was sooooooooo awesome!!!!! i loved it doodles!!

  2. Hi everyone!!! happy vacation!!! (or satycation) like me!!!

  3. The mintute to win it thing was really fun! Thanks!

  4. have a fun vacation

  5. O.M.G I just got 2 shots, a finger prick, and Ashley's ice cream!!

  6. Hey Miss K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a fun vacation, see you Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hope you had a fun staycation like me happy Sunday!!!!!

  8. I'm sorry that I didn't post the pictures from Minute to Win it over vacation! They should be up sometime this week! Thanks for being such great sports during the activity! It was great to see you all again after break! I missed you!!!

    -Miss K :)