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Monday, February 13, 2012

Statistics Flip book!

Hey there everyone!

As you know, we began working on our statistics flip books today in class.  Tonight's homework is to spend about 10-15 minutes working on the flip book.  Do what you can, but remember, this assignment is just a small homework/classwork project, NOT a big grade.  Try to make it look nice and be sure your information is accurate, but don't worry about it being perfect or fancy.  I'm more interested in the math than it looking pretty!

Some reminders from class (My versions are super messy since I wrote them on the SmartBoard Quickly- Sorry!)

Tally and Frequency charts ( I stuck these together in my example)

Break up your data into groups of ten, ex: 21-30 or 81-90, and tally and total the amount of data that shows up in each grouping.  See previous posts and your notes if you need more information.

Line Plot:  Show your data on a number line.  Feel free to skip a section (I skipped 30-60 on mine) if that fits your data better.

Stem and Leaf plots should be pretty straightforward.  Use notes or this example if you have questions.

The line graph should show different grades over time.  You need to place dates along the bottom and then plot the corresponding scores.  Connect the points once they have all been plotted.

The Histogram is like a bar graph but the values on the bottom should be ranges and the bars should touch.  The ranges listed below should work for everyone's data, so feel free to copy them into your flip book.

I hope that these notes were helpful.  Don't spend too long working on your packet tonight, but get a little bit done so that we can finish the packet tomorrow.  :)

Remember that the test is on Thursday!  Study Study (That's what we are doing with the packet btw!)

Have a Happy Monday!

-Miss K  :)

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  1. MISS K, i am having some trouble on the study guide and i have some questions about it. can you help me study tomarrow at lunch or 6th period study hall?