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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More student Blogs

Hey everyone!  Madalyn P. has created her own blog!  One of her first posts is a really cool video.  click the link in the previous sentence to see the post.  Click on the link in the post to be taken to the video.  :)

Madalyn's blog, along with Conor E's and Mike R's, is listed on the blog links section on the left hand column of my blog.  Be sure to check them all out!

Since a few of you have shown an interest in blogging, I think that I will have a small blogging group that can meet at lunch every once in a while.  We can talk about ways to improve our blogs and learn from one another.  I will give more information soon!

-Miss K  :)


  1. I actually have a blog too. I don't really know why I never mentioned it, because I've had it for a while. Here:


    Sorry I never said anything about it.

  2. Oh that's awesome Connor!!! I will check it out and add it too! :)

    -Miss K :)


    enough with the caps lock, but I needed to show my enthusiasm somehow...

    Your stuff is awesome!!! Seriously, I am so impressed by your work!!! That tomato joke nearly made me spit out my soda and the newscaster one??? Hysterical!!!

    We HAVE to talk about this tomorrow. I have a friend who is a published cartoonist (we graduated Hand together) and I am going to contact him about your stuff. Maybe we can even arrange for you guys to meet!

    I still have to look through more of your blog, but what I have seen is truly incredible! I am so excited to talk to you about this tomorrow!

    -Miss K :)

  4. Thanks! Yeah, it is all my art. I created it with my tablet on my laptop. I'm really glad you like it! I really like making comics and drawings.
    That's really cool that one of your friends is a published cartoonist! My favorite cartoonist is Gary Larson with his comic "The Far Side." I also love the work of Bill Waterson, Jeff Smith, and I like the Archie comics. Garfield is pretty awesome too.
    Thanks again, I love when people think my work is good.


  5. Correction Connor... I do NOT think that your work is good.

    I think your work is AWESOME!!!!

    I already sent an email to my friend... I am sure that I will hear from him in the next 24 hrs and will talk to you about it tomorrow. I am going to do a special post on the blog about your tumblr site, but I want to talk to you about what I should include in the post. Do me a favor and stop by during HR tomorrow so we can find a time to work on it together... Hopefully you have study hall 6th or 7th period at some point soon. I know that you have it with me sometimes, but not tomorrow. :) Otherwise we will find another time.

    Again, I am BEYOND impressed with your work!

    -Miss K :)

  6. Thanks! Sounds cool :) See you tomorrow!

  7. Miss K this is eargent! (so eargent i cant even spell the word right!!!!) can you post a link to jackie and caities blogs please?? thanks because i am following them i think but i dont know how to get to them maybe u can show me sometime! =)
    - Madalyn P. <333