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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dividing Decimals

Today in class we learned about dividing decimals.  But first we talked about dividing in general.  Here are the two videos we watched in class.


Mr. Duey

Tonight's homework is to complete the 6 problems on the back side of the packet.  As you know, we did #1 in class, so that means you only need to do 5 problems tonight.  Since they have double digit divisors, I have included the multiples for the difficult problems below.  You should be able to handle the multiples of 25 and 11 yourself.  Good luck!

Need some help dividing decimals?  Here are some tutorial videos...

and part two

Another one from "I hate Math" (I am not a fan of the title of their webpage, but the math is good!)

I hope that this helps!  Best of luck!

-Miss K  :)


  1. Thank you for putting up the times table and multiples for #'s 2, 5, and 6!!!!!!

    -maggie s. :)

  2. I dont get this i can't divide double digits erhm

  3. ok i am starting to get it haha

  4. I know that the double digits are tough, but take a look at the problem and use the multiples listed above to help you. Don't spend too long on the hw. We will review more in class tomorrow. (and the only double digits we will use will be 10's and 11's)

    Good luck!

    -Miss K :)