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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I don't know about you guys, but my SAIL group was so much fun!  I hope that you guys are really enjoying the time that you spend in those groups!  I feel like I get a lot out of our activities.  Mrs. Joiner shared a site with the teachers where you can learn more about your learning style.  Click here to try it out yourself!  Feel free to share your learning style in the comments.  I was equal parts solitary, verbal (words), and aural (hearing).
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(from the University of Pheonix)

As you know, we have a quiz tomorrow!  Use your study guide and worksheets to help you study!

The one area where we seemed to have some confusion was estimation.  Here are some reminders that will help you with the basic problems.  (You can get a bit more creative with the word/short answer problems)

Adding and subtracting:  Round to the highest COMMON place value!

Multiplying:  Round each number to its OWN highest place value!

Dividing:  Round the divisor first and then find a compatible number for your dividend!

Best of luck! 

-Miss K  :)

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