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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Funky Functions!

Today we began talking about functions and using them to solve various problems.  Before we tried to get answers though, we defined independent and dependent variables.  Take a look at the notes and examples from class (shown below) to help you!

Tonight's homework is to complete the function packet.  I'm posting the answers to help you review if you are confused about any of the problems.  Think about which variable depends on the other.  That dependent  variable is what we are trying to solve.  The independent variable is the one that is usually given to you, the one that you plug into the problem to help you solve the dependent variable.

Want to practice some more?  Try these games: Function Machine 1 and Function Machine 2!

Thanks for your hard work!  See you tomorrow when we start talking about combining like terms!!!

-Miss K  :)

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