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Monday, December 17, 2012

Converting in the Customary System!

Now, I told you how foolish I think that the Customary System is during class today, but let me prove my point a bit...

These are the countries that use the Customary System:
* Liberia
* Myanmar (Burma)

These are the countries that use the Metric System:

Metric System in Green, Customary in Pink

We reviewed the various units of measurement for the Customary System and some of the conversion factors...

Specifically for each type of measurement, we copied down conversions as listed below:

Since the volume/capacity seems to be the most confusing, I have included two different ways to help you remember the conversions, The Big G and Gallon Boy!

We used proportions to help us solve conversions within the customary system.

Step one:  Write the conversion factor as a fraction
Step two:  Set up the proportion with corresponding labels
Step three:  Enter the information that you already know
Step four:  Use basic math facts or a calculator to determine what goes in the blank to solve


Tonight's homework is to complete the worksheet I passed out in class on, "Converting in the Customary World" both sides.

-Miss K  :)


  1. on the homework on the front page I don't get questions 5 through 10. I finished all of the other questions though but I don't know what to do now.

    1. Do you want to stop by during HR tomorrow to go over it? If not, we can work on it during class! Thanks for your effort and for checking out the blog for extra help!
      -Miss K :)

    2. your welcome:) and it's still a little confusing to me but Veerle and Kyra helped me during study hall... I still kind of need help with how to set it up though...

  2. Hello this is Theresa Balzano and I am trying to print the homework for tonight. How do I do this. Angelina may return tomorrow hopefully if she doesn't get a temp.


    1. Hi, Sorry to reply so late in the evening, but I just randomly took a look at the blog and saw your message. I don't have a digital version of this assignment, but when Angie returns, I will be sure to review it with her. Thanks for checking in here and please wish her a quick recovery!

  3. Thank you if it helps I asked Koosha to bring some work home for her so she doesn't fall behind but if you think it is worth reviewing then whatever you say. She will be back tomorrow-so far no temp.