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Friday, May 4, 2012

Math is Musical, Music is Mathical!

Another Vi Hart video...  each pattern corresponds to notes as they change.  Now I'm not musically literate, but this is amazing and beautiful!  Check it out!

Vi Hart's comment on the video:

A visual and musical expression of mathematical symmetry groups. The transformations done to the video are equivalent to the transformations done to the notes.

These type of repeating patterns are called frieze patterns. A couple wallpaper groups are also represented.

-Miss K  :)


  1. omg hilarious loop-a-doop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ok right now i picture erin laughing histerically and rolling on the ground laughing! that was really awsome

  3. yes i was sarah r u a mind reader!!!!!!?

  4. It should be "Math is musical, music is mathematical."

  5. Frances, it should be, but "Mathical" sounded funnier! :)