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Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Quiz Tomorrow.

Hey everyone!  As you know, we have the first quiz of the year tomorrow!  I want to make sure that you are as successful as you can be, so be sure to study this evening!!!

If you want to do a bit more practice, you can work on the problems we did in class.  They are all below in this post.

Practice prime and composite sorting...
Pick your own numbers.  You can check out my old prime and composite post here!

 Practice your divisibility rules...
Pick your own numbers and use the rules from this post to help you remember!

Practice working with fraction models...

Circle 1/5 of these soccer balls.  Or 3/8, or 1/20.
 Try 5/8 of these cowboy boots, or 1/4, or 5/6.
 Circle 1/3 of the ice cream cones, or 2/7.
Practice Probability...

Make up your own probability problems using the items from my junk drawer.  Combine them to make it more challenging.  Be sure to simplify!
 Practice working with ratio...

Use these items to make up ratio problems.  Again, be sure to simplify your answers.

You have your study guide as well as your old homework papers to practice for the quiz tomorrow.  Come in well rested and prepared to show your best work!

-Miss K  :)


  1. Hey miss k
    This is Patrick f from last year. Remember the circle song? The Same guy made an integer song. It's not as catchy, but check it out.

    Integer Song 2

  2. Patrick!!!! You rock! I will have to take a look later today! My current 6th graders are taking their first quiz of the year, so I can't listen to music! I hope that you are enjoying Polson! I imagine that you are doing a wonderful job! Have a great year. I hope to bump into you sometime around town!

    -Miss K :)