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Monday, September 26, 2011

Comparing and ordering fractions

Today we began working with comparing and ordering fractions.  When we compare or order fractions, we can take three approaches.

The first is using logic.  Sometimes you can use common sense to figure things out.  For example if one number is bigger than a half and the other is larger than a half, you don't really have to any calculations.

The second method is probably my favorite.  If we cross multiply going "up on a diagonal" we can easily compare fractions.

Finally the last method is finding common denominators and then comparing the fractions.

Since finding common denominators can be tricky, check out this video to help you...

Another one:

And one more:

Though all of these videos show using Least Common Denominators (LCD) in addition and subtraction problems, the process is the same.

Tonight's homework is to complete the comparing and ordering fractions worksheet.  Remember that you only do the side with the practice problems, #'s 1-22.  

Good luck!  More review on this tomorrow!

-Miss K  :)

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