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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Minute to Win in Pics and Winners

Winners by Class:

Red Class: 

Pencil Bounce:  Harrison B 9 pencils
Pasta Pick Up:  Mike B and Sayan H 12 pieces
Cup Stack:  Briana M 7 cups
Candy Carry:  Scott C 18 candies

White Class:

Pencil Bounce:  James K and Destin P 10 pencils
Pasta Pic Up:  Destin P 20 pieces
Cup Stack:  Olivia F10 cups
Candy Carry:  Olivia N  19 candies

Blue Class:

Pencil Bounce:  Zak S 10 pencils
Pasta Pick Up:  Joey C 19 pieces
Cup Stack:  Matt (skills) D 9 cups
Candy Carry:  Ryan M 17 candies

Green Class: 

Pencil Bounce:  Patrick F 10 pencils
Pasta Pick Up:  Frank G 26 pieces
Cup Stack:  Kelly D 14 cups
Candy Carry:  James P 15 candies

Overall Winners

Pencil Bounce

3rd Place
(8 pencils)
Liam G
Jack O
Joey C
Will L

2nd Place
(9 pencils)
Harrison B

1st Place
(10 pencils)
James K
Destin P
Zak P
Patrick F

Pasta Pick Up

3rd Place
Posted by Picasa
(20 pieces)
Destin P

2nd Place
(25 pieces)
Will L

1st Place

(26 pieces)
Frank G

Cup Stack

3rd Place
(9 cups)
Lauren G
Jack B
Matt D

2nd Place
(10 cups)
Olivia F

1st Place
(14 cups)
Kelly D

Candy Carry

3rd Place
(17 candies)
Ryan M

2nd Place
(18 candies)
Scott C

1st Place
(19 candies)
Olivia N

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