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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Study for tomorrow's Quiz!

What you should know...

Mean ~ is the sum of the numbers in the set divided by the number of items (how many numbers you have). The mean can also be called the average. To find the mean, add up all the data values, press equal on the calculator, and then divide by the number of values.

Median ~ is the middle number of the data set when the numbers are listed in order from least to greatest. If a data set has two middle numbers, the median is the value halfway between the two middle numbers.

Mode ~ is the number that occurs most often. If all items occur one time, there is no mode. If several items occur “most often”, each is a mode. You can 1 mode, more than one or no mode.

Range ~ is the difference between the highest value and the least value in the data set. You must subtract to get the range. You will have only 1 answer.

Tally Chart~ Use tally marks to represent data.

Frequency Chart~ Total occurrances of each piece of data.

Line Plot ~ shows the shape of the data. This uses a line and Xs to plot the data.

Stem-and-Leaf Diagram ~ a graph that shows the shape of the data using the data place values. The “Leaf” is the ones digit and the “Stem” is all digits to the left of the ones place value.

Good  Luck studying!  Use your study guide!!!

-Miss K  :)

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