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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun day!

What a cool assembly today!  I will try to post pictures tonight!  As you heard, Cab Calloway's daughter was there and performed.  Please check out these videos below that feature Cab Calloway.  :)

This is the song that his daughter, Cecelia, sang today...  "Hi De Ho Man" while he visited Sesame Street!

The "Calloway Boogie"

Drums, No Guns website

Tonight's homework is to complete the two decimal worksheets!

Have a good day!

-Miss K  :)


  1. Are we allowed to use calculators?

    Molly M

  2. hey miss k. do we have to do both sides
    james burris

  3. miss.k how do i do the robin hoods loot im comfused about that one


  4. Yes, please do both sides of the papers. No calcs since we are practicing our + and - skills with decimals. On the Robin Hood paper, you should add in the values that appear on the bags and subtract the ones on the gift boxes.

    I hope this helps. Sorry to respond so late! I just checked the computer!

    -Miss K :)

  5. what if the a adding bag and a subtracting box are next each other?


  6. Go down the pathway adding and subtracting from your previous answer. :)

  7. so if it says 25 for the adding and 1.75 for subtracitng what would I do with that?


  8. Miss K, I just say this vid, it's pretty cool!

    ~~~ Jayne R :D