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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pop Quiz tomorrow?

Now, normal teachers don't tell their students when they will be taking a pop quiz, but I'm pretty sure that you have learned that I am NOT a normal teacher...

Tomorrow we will have a small, in-class, graded assignment (basically a pop quiz) on our decimal topics so far.

You should know how to...

*write a decimal in word form and vice versa:

ex:  four and twenty-two thousandths = 4.022  OR 12.07 = twelve and seven hundredths

*Shade in a 10ths or 100ths grid to represent or read a decimal:

ex:  =0.74

*estimate with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

For addition and subtraction, round the numbers to the highest common place value.

ex:  24.67 + 8.04  (the ones place is the highest common place value)
         25   +   8  = 33

For multiplication, round EACH number to it's own highest place value.

ex:  213.94 x  7.04
         200   x   7  = 1400

For division, round the DIVISOR first and then find a compatible number for the dividend.

ex:  55.827 / 8.09
       56 / 8 = 7 

*Round decimal values to a given place value.

ex:  14.567 = 14.6  or 254.839 (hundredths) = 254.84

*Compare decimal values.

ex:  12.5 > 12.49  or 0.354 < 0.4

*Put decimal values in order.

Line up the decimals, annex zeros as needed and compare.

You should complete the review worksheet for homework tonight.  (correction on number one- Only the 4 should be underlined)  Study for the pop quiz tomorrow and don't forget to act surprised when I tell you about it tomorrow.  :)

-Miss K  :)

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