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Monday, November 30, 2009

Conference Day

Hey there everyone!

Well I attended my ATOMIC conference today and had a great time. It was fun to be in a large conference room with hundreds of other math teachers. You all might find that a little geeky, but I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning about new ways to teach some math skills. The keynote speaker, Jim Rubillo, was excellent! He spoke at the beginning of the conference to the huge group (there were about 50-60 tables with 8-10 people at each table... What is the range of people that were there?) and talked about education in math and specifically spent time talking about technology and how you are learning and growing up with more technology that I did (or most of your teachers for that matter).

One of the things that he talked about and I am studying in one of my college classes right now is how you all are learning and playing with technology on a regular basis. In fact, sometime this week I am going to survey you to learn a little bit about how much you use and like technology. Cell phones, wiis, ipods, even fb (!) all interest me. I know that you all use tech in different ways and I want to know how! I might even have a few of you help me create a podcast!!! We will probably record during lunch bunch or study halls, so let me know if you are free.

One last thing to mention about the awesome ATOMIC conference I attended today... The President of the group, a very important job, is someone that you know pretty well. Next time you see the Vice Principal with the lovely English accent, tell her that she did a wonderful job organizing and running the event!!!!

Missed you guys today! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Happy Monday!

-Miss K :)


  1. The range of the people is 400 to 600

  2. Hey miss k whats up it took me forever to find how to post a coment i tried some time last week but i didnt notice the little comments thingy on the bottom so i couldnt leave a coment but i finally found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your dog is so cut i just saw the picture of him i have a dog but he is much bigger than him( plus he would never put up with wearing that thing that your dog i wearing on its sides, he gets cranky and then just runs around the house trying to get it off.
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