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Monday, October 7, 2013

Online Homework!

Hello and welcome to your first online homework!!!  Please play a few games, take a look at a few sites and use pencil and paper to complete the more complicated problems.  This should take you 15-25 minutes tonight.  If you have time to play around more, feel free, but don't suffer through a page that is too difficult.  When you finish, PLEASE SIGN YOUR FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL AND CLASS COLOR IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! Also, tell me what you think about online homework!  Should I do this more often?

Unit Rate and Rate understanding!
    Lesson  This is a great interactive way to practice.  Work through the whole thing!
    Play  Use these manipulatives to play with rates.
    Quiz yourself Take this basic quiz to determine rates.
    Tougher Questions  Want to challenge yourself?  Try these!
    How fast can you Calculate?  Timed questions!

Proportions and Ratios
     Dirt Bike Proportions  Play the game with others and see if you can make it into the high scores!
     Interactive Ratios and Proportions Fill in these step by step problems to practice.
     Ratio Bike Race Select the equivalent ratio to advance.
     Ratio Blaster Shoot down equivalent fractions.
     Ratio creator Use cross multiplying and equivalent fractions to solve these. Choose level 1
     Proportion word problems Try these, you might need paper.

Solving Proportions video

How a bad date can teach you about ratios.


-Miss K  :)


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