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Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Snowstorm! (Big Bad Blizzard!)

Hey everyone!  I doubt that you are checking out the blog over this unexpected vacation, but in case you are, I hope that all is well with you!  I lost power for a day and just got my driveway plowed today!  I've be doing lots of shoveling, reading, watching junky TV and staying up later than I should!  I also took a bunch of pictures!  The ones below are some of my favorites!  As you would expect, many of them are of Cami!  Let me know what you have been doing to pass the time in the comments!  I miss you guys!  Oh, and there's no school again tomorrow!  Do we think we'll be back on Wednesday or Thursday?

-Miss K  :)

The fire that kept us warm when the power was out Friday night.

Friday Night.

Not even a snowstorm can dull my bright shoes!

That's my sister's car!  Usually blue, but now in white!

A bird perched on her rear windshield wiper!

The deck and porch...  so much more appealing in the summer!

There was one stick that broke through.  This female cardinal took up residence.

Cami in her cozy sweater.

Male cardinal in the snow covered tree.

You can tell we were already bored!

I thought that it was cool that you could see that the snow and ice had a blue hue.  Can you see it?

Fire + snowstorm = strange chimney icicles  (snowstorm math)

The sleet made a shelf halfway down in the snow.  Cami liked to hang out on it.

Black capped chickadee on my feeder.

My dog likes to roll on the ice and snow!

Downy Woodpecker.

Cami near the fire, on a couch cushion, under my comforter to keep warm on Saturday.

25 is my new least favorite number!  How much did you get?

Sometimes you need to wear EVERY color in the rainbow!

We usually keep her on the leash, but since she was trapped by the snow, we let her free.  She's fully aware that there's no where to go!

The ice and snow on this birch tree was stunning in the sun!

Crystal trees.

Okay, I really liked the ice on the trees. 
Yeah, bored.

I love my pretty dog!

Again, with the trees?  Yes, again with the trees!

I told you that she likes to roll in the snow!



  1. i didnt loose power at all. but there was ALOT of snow :)

  2. There sure was! I can't wait to see you and everyone else in class today!!!!!!!