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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy "Spring"

Well it's freezing cold and we're expecting snow, so happy first day of spring!!!

We have our Statistics Test on Wednesday, March 25th.

What’s On the Statistics Test???

1)  Be able to identify what is and is not a statistical question.

2)  Be able to answer questions that require you to read a graph or a chart for information. 

« Bar Graph ~ a bar graph uses vertical or horizontal bars to display numerical information.  The length of the bar tells you the number it represents.

« Histogram~ looks like a bar graph, BUT the bars are connected and a histogram is used when you need to group the data because you have so many different numbers in your data

« Box-And-Whisker Plot ~ shows the range and distribution of data along a number line.  It is broken into four equal quartiles, highlighting the five number summary of the data. 

« Line Plot ~ shows the shape of the data.  This uses a line and Xs to plot the data.

« Tally Chart and Frequency Chart ~ used to collect and summarize data.
3)  Be able to calculate mean, median, mode, and range.

   You have a sheet of cardstock paper with directions on how to calculate each of these.
   Be able to defend when to use the mean, median, or mode.

4)  Be able to take information and produce a graph.

All graphs must have:

   a title
   the horizontal and vertical axes labeled
   the graph must start at 0 where the two axes meet (horizontal and vertical)
   the scale (numbers used) needs to be at equal intervals (0, 5, 10, 15…)
   the scale must be appropriate for the numbers used
   the scale numbers must be on the outside of the graph
   use lines (“tic marks”) for the numbers
   the population must be stated

For Bar Graphs:

   bars must not be connected to the vertical axis ~ there must be a space
   bars must not be connected to each other and must be the same width
   bars must be equal distance apart ~ the space between the bars must be the same for each bar

For histograms:

Same as a bar graph EXCEPT:
   the bars are connected to each other
   the data is grouped (Remember our height activity – we grouped students 50-53 inches tall and so on)

For box-and-whisker plots:

   used to show the variation of the data – how it is distributed across a number line
   the five number summary (low value, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, and high value) are plotted above a number line, with a box drawn around the median, through the lower and upper quartile values.
   The size of the quartiles show how the data is distributed.  Small boxes and whiskers indicate that the data is clustered in a small area.  Broad boxes and long whiskers indicate that the data is spread out (a larger range). 
   The box shows the middle 50% of the data values.

For a line plot:

   uses a number line to represent the data
   places an X at each number represented in your data
   Xs must be the same size and height
   has a title and a label for the horizontal scale

5) Be able to determine an appropriate scale to be used on a graph.

« The scale of a graph is the “ruler” that measures the height of the line or bar.

« The interval is the amount of space between the values on the scale.

6)  Know the difference between a tally chart and a frequency chart.  Be able to create each one when given data.

Have a great weekend!

-Miss K  :)

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