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Thursday, October 30, 2014

All sorts of percents!

Today we began working backwards with percents, finding the whole from the part we know, finding the percent from the part and whole, finding the part from the percent and whole....  that sounds confusing just writing it!!!  Please take a look at the information below if you are stuck on anything!  Especially Red class (since I wasn't in class due to a meeting)

We will go over everything in class, so please just try your best, show your work and be ready to talk about it!

Have a great night!!!

-Miss K  :)


  1. Hi Miss K I am confused on the next step to how much Miss Dielman correct.

    1. Hey! Not sure who this is, but if my comment doesn't help enough, stop by during homeroom tomorrow. You should simplify the 60/75 and then convert it to a percent by using a proportion. Once you know how much Ms. Rao corrected (60 out of 75 or XX%) you can subtract to figure out how much Ms. Dielman corrected! Hope this helped! -Miss K :)