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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Starting to use proportions

The shortest definition I can think of for a proportion is this:

Two equal fractions.

Some basics from Math.com and Mathisfun:

We spent today comparing fractions to see if they form equal proportions.  If they both simplify to the same value or you can change one number into the other, they are proportionate.  Here are some examples from class today:

Tonight's homework is to complete the EVENS on worksheet 10-4:

Have a great night!  Remember, if this is confusing, that's okay...  We just started and we're going to spend more time on it tomorrow!  Have a great night!  I'm free to help during 3rd period tomorrow if you need help!  I have a meeting 7th, but hopefully it won't last all period.  I'm not positive that I will be able to be on instagram much tonight, but try if you need!

-Miss K  :)

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