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Monday, October 1, 2012

Prime Factorization, GCF and playing games for homework!

Today we began looking at GCF (Greatest Common Factor) and practiced using Prime Factorization to find GCF.

Let's check out some videos.

As you know, tonight's homework is to play online math games!  And now the Games:

Filling in Factor Trees.  Practice doing the factor trees to find GCF.  Choose either (or both) game and practice!

GCF.  Some of these are pretty tough.  Good luck!

Jeopardy.  Factors and Multiples game.  A bit of review along with our new topic.

Fruit Shoot!  Find the GCF on a piece of fruit and shoot it to get points!  Start at level 1 and move up as you improve.

Sketch!  Answer a few questions on GCF and then play level after level of another game.  Try the timed version for a bigger challenge!

Greatest Common Factor.  Practice your skills finding the GCF!

GCF from enspire.  Click Exercises to practice!  This includes a tutorial portion that will reteach the concept if you have any questions.

Practice, practice!  More practice with GCF.

Prime Factorization. From Mr. Glosser's Math Goodies.  Fill in the missing factors. Excellent Practice!

Factorization Forest.  From Mr. Nussbaum's site.  A little tricky to play, but show off your Prime Factorization skills!

And now a Tom Petty cover to help us review...

-Miss K  :)


  1. Colin McKissick of the green class meowOctober 1, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    Done did it

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    second from the bottom did not work for me don't know why????????

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    what is this prove you're not a robot thing that pops up when you publish it

  4. Mary A did the homework

    1. emerson c did the homework

    2. Will Paturzo did the homework:-) :):):) :-)

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  10. So glad to see that you were able to play the games! I hope you enjoyed the homework tonight!!!
    -Miss K :)

  11. sammy T did the homework... it was pretty fun :{]

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