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Monday, October 8, 2012

Multiplying Fractions

As difficult as Adding and Subtracting Fractions are, Multiplying is just as EASY!!!

The steps for multiplying are:

The first step is to make everything a fraction.  If you have a whole number, convert it to an improper fraction by putting it over one.  If you have a mixed number, swirl around by multiplying the denominator by the whole number and adding the numerator to make the NEW numerator.  examples:

The next step is to cross cancel if you can.  Look for common factors on a diagonal to simplify BEFORE you multiply.  The examples below are problems after they have been cross cancelled, but before we multiply. 
After cross cancelling, multiply the numerators for a new numerator, multiply denominators for a new denominator.  The first examples are basic problems without cross cancelling, the second set include cross cancelling.

After getting your answer, make sure that you answer is in lowest terms.  If you cross cancelled, you should be there already, or at least pretty close to the final answer.  Some more examples from class:

This problem has two numbers that needed to be converted to fractions before we multiplied.  
 This examples includes one value that needed to be made improper and cross cancelling.
This problem wasn't too bad, but at the end, we needed to convert the improper fraction back into a mixed number.  We divided the numerator by the denominator to find the equivalent mixed number.
Are these problems getting easier? 
Two of the problems from tonight's homework are below.  Remember that the dot means multiplication.  Follow the steps on each problem:
  • Make everything a Fraction
  • Cross Cancel if you can
  • Multiply Numerators
  • Multiply Denominators
  • Simplify if you can
Video Tutorials:

Could you have cross cancelled the second problem to make it a bit easier?

Tonight's homework is BOTH SIDES of the Multiplying Fractions Worksheet.  Good luck!

-Miss K  :)

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