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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So you want to study for the final test of the year...

Good!  You should!  This test is manageable, but the more you prepare, the better you will do!

Want to practice a particular skill?  Go to this link and print out worksheets (and answer keys) on various topics!  Adding, subtracting, and comparing and ordering!

Want to work on word problems?  This link has worksheets with word problems.  The site asks you to sign up, but I was able to view and print the worksheets without signing up.  There's also a game on the bottom of the page!

More printable worksheets from EdHelper.com!

Examples of writing expressions and solving word problems from class:

Remember to think of little story problems in your head as you work on these types of math problems.  Examples:

9 + (-7) = ____    Story:  I have 9 dollars (the positive amount) and I owe my friend 7 dollars (the negative amount).  How much will I have left after paying her?  Since I have more than I owe, I will have a positive amount left over, $2.

-21 + (-3) = ____ Story:  I owe Miss M $21 and I owe Mrs. Phelps $3.  How much do I owe in total?  Well, I owe 21 and 3, so I owe 24 dollars, or -24.

13 - (-5) = ____  Before the story, we want to change the problem so that we add the opposite.  The problem would then look like 13 + (+5) = ____ and the story would be that I had 13 dollars in my pocket and 5 dollars in my purse, so I therefore have a total of $18.

Please review your previous assignments, use that purple sheet to practice (answers are in this post), print out extra review sheets for any topics that you want to practice, watch the videos, play the games and read the notes from this previous post.

Good Luck!  Study!  I know that you can all do a great job on this test!  Finish off the year with a bang!

-Miss K  :)

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  1. Thanks Miss K, for the links to the worksheets they are really helpful! You're the best! Thanks!