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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surface Area of 3D figures.

So, today was a little bit confusing...  I think that we are making good progress toward understanding the material even though today was a bit challenging!  Tonight's homework is to complete the front page of the surface area packet, BUT do not spend more than 20 minutes working on it!

This teacher rules.  His video is really clear and helpful!  It also matches the way I approached it in class by finding pairs that match and using colors to break it up.  (I also really like his magnet net!)

This goes over everything pretty well, but her measurements don't seem to match the proportions of her drawing.  The process is good though, so check out this video to help you:

Now for some examples from our homework...


Skipping ahead to the evil fraction one, #5
I strongly encourage you to use scrap paper so that you have enough room to work things out.  If the problems get too confusing, go grab a cereal box, tissue box or whatever to help you visualize the problem.  If it is a box that you don't need to keep, write your measurements and areas right on the box.  Whatever helps is good.  

Now why do we need this?  Here's an example (complete with math) of when you might use surface area:

Good Luck on tonight's homework!

-Miss K  :)

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