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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Polygons and Triangles

We reviewed a ton of terms today, but it seemed like you all really knew what you were doing!  Here's a review:

Other polygon names:  From Wikipedia.
triangle (or trigon)3The simplest polygon which can exist in the Euclidean plane.
quadrilateral (or quadrangle or tetragon)4The simplest polygon which can cross itself.
pentagon5The simplest polygon which can exist as a regular star. A star pentagon is known as a pentagram or pentacle.
hexagon6avoid "sexagon" = Latin [sex-] + Greek
heptagon7avoid "septagon" = Latin [sept-] + Greek
enneagon or nonagon9"nonagon" is commonly used but mixes Latin [novem = 9] with Greek. Some modern authors prefer "enneagon".
hendecagon11avoid "undecagon" = Latin [un-] + Greek
dodecagon12avoid "duodecagon" = Latin [duo-] + Greek
tridecagon (or triskaidecagon)13
tetradecagon (or tetrakaidecagon)14
pentadecagon (or quindecagon or pentakaidecagon)15
hexadecagon (or hexakaidecagon)16
heptadecagon (or heptakaidecagon)17
octadecagon (or octakaidecagon)18
enneadecagon (or enneakaidecagon or nonadecagon)19
hectogon100"hectogon" is the Greek name (see hectometre), "centagon" is a Latin-Greek hybrid; neither is widely attested.
chiliagon1000The measure of each angle in a regular chiliagon is 179.64°.
myriagon10,000The internal angle of a regular myriagon is 179.964°.
megagon[6]1,000,000The internal angle of a regular megagon is 179.99964 degrees.
apeirogon\inftyA degenerate polygon of infinitely many sides

Tonight's homework is the Triangles and Polygons worksheet.  Good luck!

-Miss K  :)


  1. Hi Miss K! Just leaving a note to say I was on the blog and read the info! Thanks!

  2. hi miss k since i was absent is there a way i can get to the worksheet or should i just see you tomorrow thanks a lot i also read all of what you posted

  3. Hey girls! Missed you today! Just grab the worksheet from me during homeroom tomorrow. It's quick and you can probably get it done before class!

  4. Write a procedure that takes two arguments sides,lengt hand representing the number of sides of polygon and length of each side. I like it.