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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lines, relationships and angles...

We went over a lot today, but I think that most of it is review for you.  Info below!

Line animation

Line segment image

                                                ray animation
 Some images from http://www.mcwdn.org/Geometry/Lines.html and http://www.homeschoolmath.net/teaching/g/angles.php

Parallel lines are lines that never intersect or cross one another.

parallel lines image

Perpendicular lines cross each other or intersect at right angles.

perpendicular lines

Protractor:  Use this to help you identify approximate measures!

Tonight's homework is to complete both the line worksheet and the angle worksheet.  It seems like a lot, but I promise you it's not too bad!  Keep up the good work!

-Miss K  :)


  1. hey ms. kahrimanis!!! im having trouble with the math homework tonight! :( i came on here to look for info but i couldnt fine it. i found most of it though. im having trouble with problems 9,11,&12 on the line line segment and ray sheet :(

  2. Hey Kassidy, We will go over these problems during class today. Since you weren't in HR we couldn't review, but hopefully later today!!! :)