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Friday, October 14, 2011

The long week is finally over!

This weekend, you should be working on or at least thinking about your infographic project.  We will have time to work on Monday, but spend some time this weekend on it too!

Here are some resources that might help you...

makebeliefscomix.com On this site you can create comics by typing in the thought bubbles.  The characters can explain each process.

xtranormal.com  This site allows you to create simple animations that speak out loud.  Type in the script and choose each scene.  I've made some of these and think that they are lots of fun!

voicethread.com  Use images and video clips that you can narrate by typing or recording your voice.  Teams can use this free online service to each add their own information without sitting at the same computer.

Google Docs allow you to keep a document (word doc, power point, whatever) online in the "cloud" so that you and your partner can access and change a document without working on the same computer.  Go to google with a gmail account and search "more" to set up a Google Doc.

Want to make a song or video tape you working on a problem?  Come talk to me about ways that we can make this work!

If you create a digital infographic- picture, powerpoint, video, etc, you can email the file to me at my school address or bring it in on a flash drive!  I will take care of downloading/posting/whatever!

Any other questions or ideas?  Come and see me during 6th or 8th period or talk to me during class on Monday!  I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

-Miss K  :)

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